Artist Mark Harrell with one of his weather vanes.

Artist Mark Harrell with one of his weather vane creations.

  Years ago my wife and I visited the Maine Lobster Festival and were intrigued with the weather vanes which were so abundant. When we got back home I was inspired to fabricate a weather vane (wind vane) design of my own. I wanted to build something much more substantial using stainless steel. I love the look of stainless steel as well as it’s brilliant durability and strength. All components of my wind vanes are solid stainless steel, and each one is hand made and hand polished to a mirror finish. My creations are built to catch the breeze and spin with ease. The wind cups spinning on top will deter birds from landing and "messing" it up. My wind vanes are captivating in their simplicity, beauty, and design. They are personalized just for you. You can choose the monogram, angel or star for the top and NSEW font for your wind vane plus different arrow heads and tails. Contact me about custom finials. These are top of the line quality and built to last multiple lifetimes so your heirs will enjoy this for many generations. My wind vane will be a beautiful compliment to your house, barn, garden, gazebo, yard or table. Each and every one is custom made to order and will take a couple of weeks to complete. There are none on the market comparable to a masterpiece from Mark Harrell Fine Art.

Installation of post mount weather vane.


Weather vane installation.

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