F.A.Q. & Pricing

Q: What is the difference between a weather vane and a wind vane? A: There is no difference. Some people call them weather vanes and some call them wind vanes. Q: Will my weather vane require maintenance? A: Because weather vanes are exposed to the elements it will require periodic cleaning depending on environmental conditions. I use and recommend a product called “Sheila Shine” to protect and polish the exposed stainless steel. Q: How big are your weathervanes? A: Mounted Weathervanes are approximately 26 inches tall and the wind arrow is approximately 26 inches long. Table Top Weathervanes are approximately 18 inches tall and the wind arrow is approximately 16 inches long. Q: What are my customization options? A: Please see the "Choices" page. Q: How much does a custom weather vane cost? A: Prices vary depending on the level of customization. $1495 for mounted models $1195 for Table top models Q: What different mounts do you offer and what do they cost? A: Your mount is included in the price. I offer three mounting options depending on where you want it displayed. These are featured on the Choices page. I offer a 4x4 post mount, star eave mount & round pole mount all polished stainless steel. I'll need to know the diameter of the pole if you choose the pole mount option. An outsourced roof mount can be obtained but I personally don't offer one. Drilling holes in your roof can cause leakage issues if not sealed properly so any other mount, in my opinion, is preferred. Table top models have a weighted base to sit firmly on patio tables or wherever you choose to place it. You can purchase a mount for the smaller Table Top models if you choose to mount it. These cost $100 for your choice of the 3 offered. We can discuss a custom mount if you desire and it will be priced according to complexity. Q: How do I order? A: I prefer to talk to each customer personally before beginning. I will need to know the angle of view so the NSEW will be oriented properly. The finial is adjustable for optimum viewing. Please call me to discuss details.  512-517-2859 Q: Is a deposit / down payment required? A: Yes. $500 down payment. Q: What are my payment options? A: Credit card, personal check, certified check or money order. All orders must be paid in full before shipping. Q: How long after ordering will I receive my weather vane? A: Most orders ship within 7-14 days depending on customization. (Each weather vane is an individual creation, hand made by artist Mark Harrell) Q: How do you  ship your weather vanes? A: Free shipping in the continental USA. Your weather vane will ship from Texas via UPS or Fedex. $75 to Alaska and Hawaii. Contact me for an International shipping quote.

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